Patients with percutaneous catheters needing prolonged infusion therapy often only require intermittent line access, but must contend with the bulky catheter extensions that restrict mobility and impact quality of life.

  • Despite best efforts, each year there are approximately 250,000 catheter-related bloodstream infections in the US alone, leading to nearly 50,000 deaths annually.

  • Economic impact to US hospitals exceeds $20 billion per year

  • External tugging on the catheter extensions can lead to micro movements with the implanted catheter and facilitate bacterial ingress


Avasys' Comfort Connect Catheter (C3) System

Avasys' C3 System is designed to eliminate the bulk of the extravascular catheter body to reduce risk of catheter-related infections and improve patient quality of life.


  • Low profile design
  • Integrated advanced clamping mechanism
  • Smooth port geometry for single site disinfection
  • Disposable, clean catheter extension sets are attached only when needed
  • The attached catheter extension set creates a system familiar to caregivers

Key Benefits

  • Improved patient mobility and quality of life
  • Reduced potential for entanglement with clothing
  • Eliminates risks with accidental cap removal or open/broken clamps
  • Allows complete coverage of the extravascular catheter with a dressing for extra protection
Product under development. For investigational use only.
Protected by one or more US patents


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