Avasys Medical Technologies


At Avasys, we are driven by a central credo to help people. Whether through engineering design and development, or business consulting services, this passion is behind every engagement. Across the many ways our team interfaces with the medical community, we are committed to improving patient outcomes and quality of life through advances in clinical and biomedical discovery and the technologies we create.

Concept Generation

conceptIdentifying and solving unmet clinical needs is our forte. We invest a great deal of effort in understanding the clinical problem and dialoging with healthcare providers to iterate towards impactful solutions. Building a robust business model is implicit in early stage product design and development.


biomedWe conduct basic science research, develop fixtures and engineering tests for evaluating prototypes of increasing fidelity, and can help validate design criteria through human factors studies. Contracted R&D is done according to contemporary design control standards to facilitate regulatory filings.

Business Analysis

pieOur consulting team can help identify complementary product solutions, new market opportunities, or product acquisition targets for portfolio expansion. We may also take a deep dive into adverse events, complaints analysis, and current standard of care practices to look for ways to improve patient care.

R&D Collaboration

In addition to our internal R&D efforts, Avasys works with academicians, students, entrepreneurs, and physician inventors to tackle unmet clinical needs. Whatever stage of development you are in, our team can help evaluate product-market fit, optimize design, explore commercialization strategies, and support bringing your product to market. Contact us to learn more.


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Current Areas of Product Development

CLABSI Prevention

Central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs) are major concerns in patient safety, responsible for tens-of-thousands of deaths each year and resulting in a significant economic impact on US healthcare facilities. Avasys is developing technologies that re-think the paradigm of central venous access by focusing on human and environmental factors, such as quality of life, line access protocols, and risks in the hospital and community settings.


The application of photonics in medicine is at the cusp of an industry renaissance. Driven largely by advances in consumer products and information technology, optical systems have the potential to be competitive alternatives in diagnostic, monitoring, and therapeutic applications. Avasys is exploring biophotonics for hemodynamic and physiologic measurements, agent and assay detection, and streamlining communication protocols through integrated patient monitoring platforms.