Avasys is a full service design and development partner for medical device and drug delivery products. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Concept generation and design rendering
  • Technical feasibility assessment
  • Product optimization
  • Prototyping
  • Engineering studies and design of experiments
  • Human factors methodology and research support

Our approach to the product development process is to focus early on fully understanding the unmet clinical problem and associated user needs to better ensure product solutions have high potential clinical and market viability, prior to investing significant resources into the development and manufacturing stages. This process is characterized by prioritizing root cause analysis of clinical needs in order to develop an optimized product solution. We often find opportunities to engage with healthcare professionals to create a foundation of clinically-driven innovation.


Our team can bring value to your business development and product strategy needs. Some of the many ways in which we can advise include:

  • Customer discovery (voice of customer research)
  • Business model generation and commercialization strategy
  • Portfolio analysis, new market opportunities, and product design
  • Review of adverse events and product complaints for areas to improve patient care

Contact us to learn more about our areas of expertise and the ways in which we can complement your business development objectives.